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Flavoured Oils

Use the same basic method to make all of these oils, just varying the flavouring ingredients. The golden rule is to always use the best oil you can find. Juniper berry & bayleaf oil Chilli & peppercorn oil Garlic & basil oil Cumin, coriander & caramom oil

Summer Salads

Simple salads are excellent in summer either as an accompaniment to meat, fish or poultry or eaten as main delight dish.

About barbecues & sauces

Setting up for a barbecue can be fun, so have every thing you need, prepared in advance to avoid last minute panic. Start the fire well ahead of cooking line and wait until the flame have died down and the charcoals covered in white ash and glowing red. Have ready by your side.

Grilling fish on the barbeque

Grilling fish on the barbeque

Select the fish of your choice, and remember that a marinade is necessary, as it adds taste to the fish and keeps it moist while cooking. Marinate fish in olive oil, lemon juice, garlic, herbs, salt and pepper.